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LifeSaveHer Presents at NCEMSF 2024

Co-Founder of LifeSaveHer, Sabrina Liu, presenting a recent study on the relation between CPR training manikin type and trainee CPR quality

Last month, LifeSaveHer attended the 2024 National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF) Conference.

At the conference, we met several fellow collegiate EMS organizations, and we are looking forward to collaborating with these groups. These collaborations will help us further our current research efforts to assess the impacts of breasted manikin during CPR trainings.

Co-Founders of LifeSaveHer Sabrina Liu and Abigail Schipper were invited to present recent findings at the conference. Motivated by our previous findings on subjective reported comfort of CPR trainees in performing CPR on women, we conducted an investigation assessing objective measures of trainee CPR quality depending on the type of CPR training manikin used, titled "Does the Simulated Sex of the CPR Training Manikin Affect CPR Quality?"

This preliminary study found that CPR trainees who practiced with a female manikin had a higher chest compression fraction than those who trained on a male manikin.

Liu and Schipper won best poster at the conference, and the study was awarded Collegiate EMS Research of the Year.

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