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LifeSaveHer Presents at NCEMSF Conference 2023

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

This past February, members of LifeSaveHer presented at the 2023 National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF) conference after being selected as finalists in the Vomacka Student Speaker Competition.

Speakers Sabrina Liu and Roanna Zou gave an overview of the CPR gender gap issue, discussing current literature on the topic and the absence of mandated online CPR training videos that include on non-male individuals. They discussed the main reasons why survival disparities in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests exist, and the downsides of currently available female manikin solutions.

The team presented the iterative fabrication process used to produce the current LifeSaveHer prototype, and the initial data on the effect of using the LifeSaveHer on students' CPR comfort levels, collected from CPR classes at Harvard and MIT.

The session concluded with a hands-on demonstration of the LifeSaveHer prototype and a Q&A discussion about future directions.

The team received positive feedback about the device; in particular, its realistic design and compatibility with current feedback manikin products. Several collegiate EMS organizations connected with LifeSaveHer at the conference and are now collaborators on the project.

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